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Primordial Icons

Sleep until life wakes you

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Primordial Icons

Welcome to primordialicons, my graphics journal!

Expect mostly icons.
Expect mostly anime and manga with a sprinkling of other fandoms.
{If you're too lazy to shift through the interests, the displayed icons in the profile represent my six most-iconed fandoms}
And follow the house rules! :D

[x] Please comment if you're considerate enough. Constructive criticsm always helps
[x] Take anything you want, but please credit. It's as simple as typing in primordialicons or clymnestra in your icon info
[x] No hotlinking. That's mean to my bandwith
[x] No crediting my icons as your own. That's just low and plain insulting
[x] No bashing me, my fandoms, or anyone else

Feel free to watch

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